Choose your outfit according to the style of dance you practice.

In ballet, it is important to strictly follow the dress-code. For street dances, the style is much freer and more personal. In any case, your clothes must fit your body shape and you must feel comfortable wearing them.

Specific dance outfits

Do you do ballet? Choose the leotard that best suits you (straps or sleeves, with or without lace, cotton or lycra…), and the tights that go with it. You can add a skirt to your outfit. During the warm-up, it is advisable to wear gaiters and a wrap to stay warm.

For the Latin dances, women wear dresses and men wear trousers and a bodysuit or shirt: very specific costumes that often make a big splash! It’s not every day that you choose your salsa or tango outfit: make sure it highlights your shape.

Other dance styles require their own outfit and accessories: skirt and shawl for flamenco, kneepads for dances where there is movement on the floor. As soon as you enroll in a dance school, you will be informed of the requirements to have in your wardrobe!

Flexibility and comfort

Trousers, shorts, tops and sweaters: for some dance classes, it is best to dress as you feel like it. If you are comfortable in your dance clothes and have enough freedom of movement, you will be happy to dance, and you will be able to progress easily.

Choose a stocking that is held at the waist and adjusted in length. Dance pants can be tight or loose fitting. To be able to correct your movements and postures during the class, choose leggings or pants close to the body. This also applies to tops.

Quality clothing in store

To be able to try on, compare, touch the materials and choose the clothes that best suit your morphology, the best thing to do is to go to a dance shop. Our partner dance shops offer clothing for many dance styles. You can try on as many as you like and get expert advice from professional dancers.

Whether you want to buy the clothes you’ll wear all year round for training, or for your competition costume, go to a shop that specializes in dance items (clothing and accessories).

For each style of dance, its shoe! Your dance shoes should be in your size: your usual size, or a smaller one in case of hesitation. They must also be comfortable.

Latin dance: at your heels!

Latin dances, salsa, tango or even batchata, are danced in heels. If you’re a beginner, choose low heels, time to work on your balance and gainage. The more comfortable you are, the more you will be able to choose high heels. On the other hand, it is more difficult to dance in high heels, so once again, these heels are reserved for beginners. Otherwise, opt for Cuban heels.

Men are also entitled to their low heels in Latin dance. Flat shoes are suitable for traditional ballroom dancing (and women wear low heels in this case).

Ballroom shoes can be open or closed. If you have thin feet, you will be more comfortable in closed shoes. For wide feet, a wide opening or adjustable straps are best.

Choose your shoes in the dance shop

Ideally, you should go to the store to try on different pairs of shoes before making your choice. You will be advised and directed to the models that might best suit you. In the shop, you can also ask questions about the maintenance of your spikes or your tango shoes for example. But if you do not have time you can also buy your shoes online, know that there are sites that sell second-hand dance shoes that will be cheaper than new shoes, do not pass by it may be a good plan, and do not forget to ‘buy a used item contributes to the preservation of our planet.

Sports dance, modern jazz, tap dance, pole dance, contemporary dance: each style of dance has its specificity… and its shoe. Refer to your dance teacher. Some people sometimes recommend dancing barefoot for better sensations, especially in jazz or contemporary dance. But you should always have your dance sneakers or sneakers on hand! Go to a dance shoe store.

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