TikTok: the teens of the "French House" unite to break through

Paris (AFP) - Like the "Hype house" bringing together American stars from social networks, a dozen young rising French stars met in a villa to "break through" by professionalizing.A first which should have suites.

In the designer living room of a Parisian villa, Rafael Caplan, Maxime Skye, Leny Falgoux and Sacha Sadok, big sneakers on their feet, perform choreographies and "challenges" (creative challenges) in front of their smartphones.

Most did not know each other before meeting for a weekend at the end of May, taking advantage of the premature end of the school year."It's like we were at home, only better," says Alex, 17 years old.(700,000 fans on TikTok as @Yesmonga).

These faces are not the most famous of the network in France but they sometimes exceed a million "likes".On their arrival, they were expected by fifty fans, with a few tears and many selfies.

In the villa, these "content creators" dance for TikTok, where the very rhythmic videos last a few seconds, post licked photos on Instagram, confide on Youtube, talk about their commitments on Twitter.

Like Théo Bignonneau, a big chestnut boy of 18, gone through the theater and modeling, who is targeting one million subscribers at the end of the summer, with two-thirds of humor videos and a third of dance.

- Boosted by containment -

On the floor below, the two girls of the group choose an outfit, among the dozens they took to vary their look in the videos.Parisian Marie-Victoire Tiangué, 19, also a model, has just been asked.by a brand of clothing.Like the others, it pays part of its income to their agent, who finances the stay.

Posted Date: 2020-09-14

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